About Us



Our vision is to craft products as per customers acquaintance in ways that create a more sustainable business and betterment of future & environment at large through controlling technologies & services! We hope to see a healthy growth at PVR in the next 5 years and to bring about a positive change in the Indian Manufacturing Space!

Always Integrated

Be cooperative & honest to your moral principles

Always Resolute

Constantly challenge yourself

Always Efficient

Always deliver more than expected

Always Creative

Think divergently & use innovation to mould technology

Always Sustainable

Create positive effect on the global & local environment

Always Passionate

Keep up the energy & motivation to triumph glory

Always Qualitative

Observe to analyze then improvise to implement

Always Customer-Centric

Ease your customers pain



If our strength is industry experience, our in-house D&D team is the engine that works round the clock to keep us ahead. Each brand has its own core technical team, and borrows specific talents from a common pool. Our approach to everything is lean and efficient. Our in-house R&D team spans both electrical and mechanical fields, giving us the advantage in developing products suited to the customer's need across both fields.

The electronic controls team is proficient in the areas of PCB design (Single sided, double sided, multilayer boards), Hardware design (analog, digital, mixed signal) and Embedded software (Assembly language and C for microcontrollers). The mechanical arm is adept in the design of valves and other items essential to Ammonia and Freon based products.

Our talent pool, backed by in-house machinery and 3D software, allows us to create and test prototypes in a much shorter design cycle. This is how we manage to run a successful R&D team, core technical team, marketing staff, production, and administration all with a low head count.





Our comprehensive quality program covers the production process from start to finish:

  1. Quality Components- All components are sourced from the ‘best in the field’ suppliers and quality tested on arrival. We are one of the few organizations in India who have an in-house facility for EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) tests.
  2. Technology- Our in-house R&D team is constantly evolving new, more efficient means of production and assembly. In addition, we employ industry best practices wherever applicable.
  3. Sturdy and intelligent design- Our R&D team constantly works on improvements to existing technology and design to reduce interference, increase efficiency, and lower costs without compromising on quality. We have learnt from several of our own customizations, and now incorporate these and other innovations into our product lines.
  4. Adherence to design specifications- We have quality and adherence checks at every production milestone. All finished products also go through rigorous testing before release to customers.