Valves and Controls



  • The valve Designed to open at a very low differential pressure of 0.04 bar (0.58 psig).

  • Designed with a built-in damping chamber preventing valve flutter, due to low refrigerant velocity and low density.

  • Easy to disassemble for inspection and service.

  • Internal back seating enables replacement of the spindle seal whilst the valve is active in under pressure.

  • Optimal flow characteristics ensuring quick opening to the fully open position.

  • Housing : Made of special, cold resistant steel.

  • Valve Cone : The valve cone can be turned on the spindle, thus there will be no friction between the cone and the seat, when the valve is opened and closed.

  • Spindle: Made of polished stainless steel so that PTFE and Graphite gaskets are not damaged.

  • Sealing: Spindle sealing is done with PTFE and Graphite gaskets assuring 100% sealing.



Range Temperature range : –46°C to +150°C
Pressure range : The valve are designed for max. working pressure 40 bar g (580 psig)
Application Applicable to all common non flammable refrigerants including R717 and non corrosive gases/liquids dependent on sealing material compatibility.

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