Programmable Controllers

PCG Series PLC PCG100-121200001

PCG Series PLC PCG100-121200001

  • The Subzero PCG100 Series (DIN 4) is a programmable logic controller series.

  • Consists of 32-bit Cortex M3 ARM Intellegent processor.

  • Fast switching I/O are suitable to drive high speed inputs-outputs.

  • RS485 Master and Slave, and USB port provide maximum flexibility of integration with the outside world.

  • Onsite programming via USB.

  • Wide range of connectivity like Local / Remote PC, Third Party Device, Cloud & IoT, HMI, Actuators, Servo Motors,Parametric Controllers, Ethernal GSM Module, EEV Driver, SC ADA, etc…

  • Free programming software SZ-LOGIC

PCG Series PLC PCG100-121200001

Analog Inputs -
Digital Input 12 x (24V) normal (All Optoisolated)
Digital Outputs 12 x 5A, 230VAC Relay (Optoisolated)
Analog Outputs -
Connectivity 2 nos. RS485
Programming Mini USB to Type A cable
Internal RTC Yes
Program Memory 150 KB
Data Memory EEPROM
On Site Programming Yes (via Pendrive FAT 32)
Language LADDER + C
ModBus Protocol MODBUS RTU
Power 24Vdc

PCG Series PCG100-121200001

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